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View All Recent Titles. Features June 27, Stonewall at Suggested readings for Pride! I first stumbled upon A Darkness of Dragons by S. Patrick through the Waterstones Book of the Month list for November The stunning cover illustration by artist George Ermos was part of an instant appeal to seek out this book. A Darkness of Dragons went straight onto my list of books that my eleven-year-old dragon-mad daughter might want to read.

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As my daughter had a huge tower of books, I begged her to let me read this first while I had a gap between deadlines for reviews of other books…. Be still my heart, this is one of the most achingly engaging fantasy adventures I have recently read. Sincerely this:- if you love tales of fantasy adventure, this book should be your next read. In A Darkness of Dragons, S. Patrick takes me back to the feeling I got when I began reading some of my most loved series. A spookiness of Robert Holdstock.

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A darkness of Susan Cooper. Within a few chapters A Darkness of Dragons earned a permanent place in my inner cache of imagined fantasy literary worlds that I can call on when doing mundane tasks like hanging washing. I hope everyone has one of these inner caches, otherwise forget I just mentioned this! The story opens in the village of Patterfall , clad with pines, mountains, snow and forest.

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There is no map in the book, but there could be. Maybe in Book 2?? The story traverses landscapes of mountains, forests, seas and vividly described vistas with names that remind me of imaginary childhood adventures, lying awake in Australia listening to the exotic names of the BBC shipping forecast at midnight on the radio and dreaming of adventures beyond my town. The laws and ways things are, are unreal , but in a way that does not jar with possibility.

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