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Making the story chance this random is artificial playtime inflation. As stated, it can still be quasi-random, with tweaks depending on some factor or another. I personally think it would be best if the stories were triggered by unlocking eggs in other games, especially since there are THREE of them. Making it so you only hear a story if you test Candy Cadet immediately after unlocking the full easter egg from either of the arcade machines or Security Puppet, and only once per each, still makes it harder to get the certificate, and it ties them together in a way that encourages replay without relying on a frustration mechanic.

If a player trips across this association by accident, it incentivizes them to hunt for more hidden secrets to unlock more Cadet stories. Scott, I know you read these, and I know we love you for making us work and occasionally rage , but not all usages of RNG are good ones. Last edited by ArikDrake ; 12 Dec, am. I already did all other 3 Lores [I have Lorekeeper Certificate] but is that thing There's players that want to do everything as possible, that means hear the stories from Candy Cadet.

The stories are the same, but hearing them from your gameplay it's different from hearing in internet, you know? The problem with RNG is that people, neither programmers, can control what will occur. As I told, the first time you can't receive a story because it's the first time But from the second and beyond you can receive all 3 stories in 3 tryies or you can receive none stories in more than tryies That's why people created that system I told in the previous post, where each time the players fails, it increses the chance a little bit, forcing you will receive after some tryies without mistake.

Consider the time and freedom you have, if you're single and child-free, to focus on your career. Lastly, if you're of a privilege background, please don't take it as an attack on your character, but if you've never had to worry about basic necessities housing, food, paying student loans, etc. I understand that being an entrepreneur is not easy. But, there needs to be more honesty in the startup community about how our personal lives and wealth influence can influence an entrepreneurs success.

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Why did I leave that out? Because, I want to save this part of my journey for the book that I'm currently working on. But before my investment I used money from my humble teaching salary and lived off the income from selling products this is before I met and lived with my former partner. I did all my designs, used very basic packaging, and attempted to make my own scents. So you can scale. And to scale you need money. No One Owes Me Anything Many entrepreneurs I know and read about , use money from their personal saving, and fundraise from their family, friends and professional network.

And all I've been able to get from the startup ecosystem is advice and invitations to write and attend more tech events. Maybe it's me. And I don't have to attend tech and startup events to meet an investor I met my Angel investor at a Halloween party. I'm not giving up on the SE Asia startup ecosystem, but I'm taking a new strategy to build and scale my startup. Hence why left Bangkok temporarily and returned home to fundraise and write my story. High tea at the Okura Prestige.

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Disclaimer: What I write is based on my experience and observations of 4 years living and travelling in Asia. Some of my comments may come across as sexist and may be uncomfortable to accept. I didn't plan to go home until Thanksgiving. But, I'm out of options of supporting myself and my startup.

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So I'll be in the US for a few months. As for my incredible job opportunity, as a Community Manager at an accelerator, the bureaucracy of hiring a foreigner in Thailand for every foreigner a company must have 4 Thai's, unless it has a BOI , is too costly. Am I disappointed? Yes, because it would have been the perfect job. But, this experience has taught me I'm a valuable asset in the local startup ecosystem and at home I could use my expertise of the startup ecosystem in Asia to find another job. I've met a few successful single people, but the people I've met that are married, partnered, or come from a family with money, they are in a whole different stratosphere.

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  • I've lived in Bangkok for about 3 years. I started selling hair products so I had extra income, I could afford to go to yoga, I cooked at home to save money, and managed to travel a bit. You know what made a world of a difference? Being in a relationship My Last Relationship My former-partner is a Data Scientist, very well educated, from Finland men cook, clean, respect women, family life balance is practiced, quite the socialist utopia.

    He already lived in Thailand for 2 years, and we shared similar values vegetarian, staying healthy, etc. And if something were to tragically happened I had someone to take care of me and for him the same, we supported each other equally. Hence, quitting my job, working full-time on my startup, lived in a comfortable condo in a great location, travel, and social capital.

    To take risks, is a privilege. My then boyfriend, we met as Master's students at Haifa University, he had a caravan we did a road trip from Haifa to Eilat, and another regional road trip from Turkey to Germany. So my overall experience in Israel I was able to travel, meet all types of people I would've never if I was single.

    It was a very equal relationship, he was well educated, and it was much easier for me to adjust to living in a new country. My Advice to Female Entrepreneurs As a female entrepreneur my advice is to date smart. And when I say date smart, date someone who's professionally and emotionally supportive, well-educated, someone that comes from an equal society or understand equal partnership.

    Someone that shares your values, someone that works in a lucrative industry tech, finance has a steady job to balance your hectic schedule. And don't see your femininity as a disadvantage It may be sexist, to say but people are more likely to do business with a woman that is well-groomed, slim, and more feminine. Women are the backbones of a society so this partnership enables them to have a deeper understand of the culture, politics, language, social cues, and idiosyncrasies of a society they want to build a business in.

    This is very smart.

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    And they have their in-laws to help if they have children or need further support, it's basically a win-win if the marriage is solid. Even difficult but brilliant men like Steve Jobs and Elon Musk, were married. Marriage is good for business. Why don't people talk more about this? And reap the benefits like male entrepreneurs. As I've said in my last post, If you're going to do business in a foreign land The only way to for real change is women start their own businesses and networks and create a work place that is flexible with motherhood and family life.

    They are almost always are in relationships or married to western men who worked in lucrative industries, and are also well-educated. I can confidently say women date within their class or "marry up" , we don't do well "dating or marrying down. And the few foreign women that do marry locals, are literally unicorns I've met one, but they have no children and her husband is very westernised and comes from a upper-middle class family.

    From what I've observed, local Thai men are too shy to talk with Western women, are happy to "play around," but will almost never introduce a foreign woman to their family. These are challenges women have to face. Thailand is quite a paradise for men Thai women are beautiful, slim, and aren't generally feminist. I've read and heard of tragic stories of companies moving whole families with a generous package: pay for international school fees, housing, international moving fees, etc. Or single men that come to work in the tech sector, just completely lose it, as they may have been "5's" at home, and instantly feel like "10's" in Thailand nothing wrong with that, I believe everyone should find happiness.

    With the plethora of attention from women, get mixed up with bar girls, etc if you're really interested in this topic, go on Reddit. So women have these types of risks, single or married, when living, working, and building a business in Thailand.

    What will I do at Home? So, I'm single at the moment , I'm going home. Working in an international school takes too much of my time I respect teachers and the profession, but I don't want to be a teacher. And I don't come from a family with money, or worked in a lucrative career where I can bootstrap and live off my savings.

    But all hope is not lost! Just need to re-strategize how I will build my startup. Going back home, is an opportunity for me to re-connect with the startup ecosystem Silicon Valley , fundraise money for my startup.

    Bad Luck Cadet

    And perhaps write a book Thank you everyone that has been following me through my journey. Share you're thoughts about my dating observations in the comment section. For a long time I wanted to write about dating and relationships, but afraid people would be upset. I'm back in Bangkok. I no longer live in Sukhumvit, and moved back to Sathorn, my old neighbourhood.

    I'm living in a hostel, starting all over. How did I get here? Is all hope lost? Not exactly. Because this time, I'm starting over on my own terms. Three years ago, when I first came to Bangkok, it was supposed to be temporary.

    Musings & moreā€¦.